David Icke Live in Reykjavik, Iceland

Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland
Sunday 26 March 2017

"David Icke makes his First Live Appearance in Iceland, a country that in David's very own words "Doesn't take Sh*t" and that's something to be internationally celebrated. David's Full 12 Hour show that takes the Audience on a Journey from the World they see today (Terrorism, Media Bias, Illuminati, Secret Society's) right through to the Nature of Reality and Who We Really Are and What We Are..."

"David's Live Events are something truely unique, so many people wonder how one man can speak for 12 hours, and hold an audience, the hardest thing for David is keeping the event to that time, with the mountain of information he has uncovered during his 26 years of research into these topics these eventsĀ  could span an entire week."

"These events act as a simple step by step guide that leads the Audience from A to B to C and beyond, and leaves the audience at the end of the day with knowledge, understanding and explanations you'll find no where else."

"What's all the hype about? Come and Find Out on Sunday 26th March..."

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